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Rynagh, an actress, playwright, and director, has appeared in numerous films: Widow’s Peak, Night Train, When Brendan met Trudy and A Love Divided. TV series and dramas include: Father Ted, The Lilac Bus, The Rector’s Wife and Tales out of School.

Her theatre work includes Philadelphia Here I Come!, Mamie Sighs, The Cavalcaders and St. Joan of the Stockyards.

She has directed the award-winning documentary Born Bolshie - A Portrait of Chloe Gibson, and made other successful documentaries such as the four part The Sound of Volcanoes.

In 2003 she wrote and directed the critically acclaimed play Keep Coming Back, which toured internationally and was nominated for A Fringe First Award at The Edinburgh Festival. In 2004 they were back on the road in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In 2006 Rynagh completed an around the world tour with Voices in the Wind.
From this tour Rynagh was invited back to India in 2007 to give a series of workshops on using Drama as therapy.

Rynagh is also the Chairperson of Women in Film and TV. She was recently appointed co-coordinator of AARO ( Association of Artists Representative Organisations ) which unites over 5000 practitioners from across the disciplines.

Dorothy directed by Agnes Merlet in which Rynagh played Mrs. McClellan was nominated for
4 IFTA 's and was very well received in The Jameson Dublin Film Festival in February 2009.

In 2010 Rynagh played Holly Darwin in "What did he say " for C4 to be released this year. She is currently developing a Documentary to be made in the Middle East.

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