Rynagh started to write and direct in the 1990s.

She founded Stray Dog Productions, a professional Irish company committed to producing original provocative and innovative Theatre, Television and Film, exploring the untold stories of our time.

In 1991 RTÉ commissioned her to write and direct Born Bolshie, a documentary on Chloe Gibson: a woman who made a major contribution to the development of television drama in Ireland. Loesje Saunders produced.

For this she won a 1992 Jacobs Award (Irish equivalent of a BAFTA award).

"This was a great experience as I got to interview lots of major players in both the Irish and British TV world. I had a fantastic crew, with my good friend Loesje at the helm and the ingenious late Pat Hayes on sound."

In 1993 she directed Statements after an Arrest at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

In 1995 Rynagh took a Foundation in Film Production course at UCD, where she co-directed a five-minute short, The Con Job.

In 1998, with her husband (musician Eamon Murray), Rynagh took a journey from Mexico to Ecuador exploring the role and development of music in the lives of the peoples of Central America. This journey produced a four-part documentary for RTE FM3: The Sound Of Volcanoes

In 2003, she wrote, directed and performed in Keep Coming Back, a play based around accounts of experiences of addiction within Ireland.

In 2004 Rynagh made a documentary in Cuba on the lives of the artistic community. It was broadcast by SoundRadio UK.

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